Lesson Plans

STEM Concepts, Practical Connections

Lesson plans made in collaboration with high school teachers of rural Nicaragua help teach math and science through issues that students face on a daily basis. The lesson plans begin with a contextualized application of the concept, and then introduce theory. This way, students understand why math and science matters outside the classroom. These resources are best used by teachers to guide their courses and motivate student participation during discussions. As our collaborators are in Central America, these lesson plans are currently in Spanish and based on the Nicaraguan high school curriculum (grades 7 through 11).



To download lesson plans, please refer to the "Planes de Enseñanza" page while we translate them to English.


   Grade 7 (first year of high school):

  • Tables of Frequency
  • Bar Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Proportions: Converting Fractions to Decimals
  • Operations with Positive and Negative Numbers
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Variables
  • Direct and Indirect Proportionality


   Grade 8:

  • Statistics: Percentiles

  • Statistics: Deciles

  • Equations: Converting Word-Problems to Equations

  • Area and Perimeter: Polygons

  • Area and Perimeter: Circles

  • Polynomial Operations: Addition, Substraction, Multiplication


   Grade 9:

  • 2x2 Matrix

  • Methods for Solving Quadratic Functions

  • Statistical Variation

  • Median Deviation

  • Standard Deviation


   Grade 10:

  • Probability

  • Square Root Function

  • Trigonometry


   Grade 11 (last year of high school):

  • Logarithms

  • Probability

  • Conics


Chemistry (taught in Grade 10):

  • Chemical Reactions: Salts
  • Chemical Reactions: Oxides
  • Chemical Reactions: Hydroxides
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Experiment: Water Filtration
  • Experiment: Measuring Acidity
  • Experiment: Acidic Salts
  • Experiment: Basic Salts
  • Experiment: Oxidation Reduction Reactions
  • Experiment: Protein Denaturation due to Acid (Biochemistry)
  • Experiment: Protein Denaturation due to Heat (Biochemistry)
  • Experiment: Protein Denaturation due to Alcohol (Biochemistry)
  • Experiment: Vitamin C (Biochemistry)


Biology (taught in Grade 11):

  • Human Reproduction

            Note: There are lesson plans for other courses (above) that are related to health and biology issues.